Academic coaching is about your Future

Education is one of the most important resources we can use to improve our chances of experiencing a good life and making positive contributions to our world. Learning is a job that requires intentional effort and engagement, if it’s going to stick. Most students pursue an education because they have to not because they want to. While the benefits can outweigh the costs, the process can be long and depleting for many. With academic coaching, students can tap into the internal and external resources they need to reduce unnecessary distress and achieve academic success.

What is academic coaching, exactly?

An academic life coach works with the student outside of the school setting. My goal is to help students examine their approaches to learning, identify strengths and opportunity areas, and develop skills and strategies to improve their effectiveness and reduce toxic stress. Studies show, self-reflectiveness around approaches to learning and effective use of resources enhances academic performance. Students who take time to reflect on how they will prepare for assignments, how they learn best, what resources they will use, and why they are the best fit outperform peers who do not. We’ll do this work and begin conditioning constructive habits for ongoing success.

Long-term benefits of academic life coaching

Academic coaching clients most often seek my services because they’re lacking confidence or motivation, feel lost about how to begin improving their performance, or they’re just overwhelmed. Often the insights they gain about themselves and the strategies they learn are useful across all subjects and trickle out into their life. Students improve their academic awareness which leads to tailored and effective strategies. Each bite-sized success builds confidence and motivation on the way. We often address time management and prioritization, effective goal setting and striving through achievement. These self-management skills are helpful in all life domains and they’re happy to keep using what works.

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