My daughter was in need of a sounding board, someone with life experience that knows how to the break things down for the teenage mind and someone that knew the psychological components as well. Through coaching with Leah, my daughter became more comfortable directly addressing her expectations for herself as well as gaining more personal responsibility. She developed additional tools to address peer pressure while she and I gained more constructive ways to have a dialogue. Leah’s personality lends itself to be structured and direct all the while being a soft place to land which is exactly what my daughter needed as she transitioned into high school.- Mother of 14-year-old client, Richardson, TX

I hired Leah as my daughter’s coach because I felt my daughter needed another person to give her direction and advice besides myself. It always sounds better coming from a third party. Not to mention all her expertise in this area. So so so much to learn about teenagers. Because Leah is such a great mentor for my daughter I have decided to stick with the coaching throughout her difficult teenage years. I feel Leah has helped her cope with certain situations that as a mother you really get emotionally involved and maybe don’t give the same advice. Maybe she would figure out some of it on her own in years to come, but I find learning these coping strategies at a young age will benefit her in many ways in years to come. I think Leah’s credentials speak for themselves, then add her friendly patient, understanding personality. My daughter really enjoys speaking with her and is always looking forward to coach nights. Her coaching is totally worth the investment. Another cool thing about this type of coaching is the fact it’s done in a private setting at home via Skype (or phone) where they are completely comfortable in their own environment. At this age they are worried about running into someone they know, this reason alone is amazing. I also leave it up to my daughter to call on her own, no driving anyone anywhere and no arguments about going. I think the most valuable takeaways are how to get through these difficult teenager years and find themselves. I’m always mentioning and referring Leah to friends, clients and family. Their response is always so amazed ” How did you find her?” I’m just always happy to pass on her info. I feel kids have so much to deal with these days and having an hour a week of all about them is really amazing for a teenager. – Parent of 15-year-old client, Ontario, Canada

Our daughter is a typical teenager with self-confidence issues. Additionally, at 11th grade, she was at the crossroads regarding career choices and wanted to have a coach who could help her through a career discovery. Coaching with Leah was a great experience for both our daughter and us. Through 1:1 coaching and assessments, Gina gained a better understanding of her strengths and weaknesses. Using this discovery, she was able to narrow down her career choices to a small list. Additionally, Leah’s coaching gave Gina insights on how to improve her self-confidence through positive thinking. We were very impressed with Leah’s ability to connect and communicate clearly with our daughter. Her coaching style is very pragmatic, yet strength and value based. We have offered Gina the opportunity to continue coaching with Leah on an ‘as needed’ basis. We suspect this will be a life-long partnership. As a result of Leah’s coaching, Gina is slowly but surely improving her self-confidence. She is more self-aware and proud of her strengths and accomplishments. We highly recommend Leah’s coaching for your teen, regardless of what situation they are in. Give it a try and you will be very pleased. – Mother of a 16-year-old Client, Southlake, TX

I came across Leah’s information accidentally, but was intrigued with the concept of teens benefiting from coaching. Her ideas were sound and logical, my child enjoyed meeting her (doesn’t happen often!) and I felt that they could work well together. Leah taught my daughter that everything, from homework to socializing, is a skill that can be learned if you put in the effort. She connects with teens in a way that supports and empathizes yet teaches. I certainly think her coaching was worth the investment and my daughter also believes it was. My most important takeaway from this experience was that a parent’s reaction to his/her child’s anxiety over daily living/events is not always reasonable. Having the emotional distance of a neutral, knowledgeable third party, like Leah, really makes a difference in both parents and children’s lives without the stigma that counseling can bring. One simple example, I could tell her forever to talk to her teacher/raise her hand in class and she would never listen. Leah was able to get her to do that after one session with a reasonable calm explanation of why she should do it, how she would benefit, and how to do it. No drama.” – Mother of 14-year-old client in Southlake, TX

Starting from a somewhat hopeless place, through Leah’s coaching, I was able to see the potential and abilities I still had. Working through strategies and plans together that would put me on a more positive straight path, helped me overcome some depression. Leah continues to encourage me and keep me looking for opportunities.
– 19-Year-Old Client, Dallas, TX

The best thing I ever did for my 15 year old daughter was signing her up for Leah’s coaching program. Having to deal with being dyslexic and an introvert was very stressful for her which led her to lack of trying. With this program she learned how to use the techniques to help her deal with daily stress and it also gave her the courage to participate in class. As a mother, not being motivated to do her best to prepare for college was very frightening. After her first lesson I noticed a big difference in her attitude toward school. The day she came up to me and told me that she wanted to go to college was the best day ever. All may worries simply went away. My only regret was not putting her in the program sooner. But its never too late no matter what the age. -Mother of 15-year old client, Arlington, TX

What I was hoping to accomplish when I started the coaching program with Leah was to improve my self-confidence, and establish a direction regarding career discovery. Initially, I didn’t have any idea of where I was going, and knew that I had to do some self discovery before I could start thinking about careers. What I took away from the coaching exceeded my expectations, and it gave me the insight that I needed to take steps in the right direction. Not only did Leah help me discover what I’d like to do in the future, but she also taught me how to cope with my weaknesses, and take advantages of my strengths. I learned several things about myself; and have a better idea of how I function, why I think the way that I do, and etc. Several times I found myself wishing that I could put my friends through this program, because it’s very interesting and well worth it. I would highly recommend this to any teenager looking for assistance in bettering almost any sort of aspect of their lives! – 16-year-old client, Carrollton, TX

My daughter went through coaching with Leah at the perfect time. We didn’t know that a very hard few months was coming up in her life, and the knowledge and self-confidence she received from Leah helped her make correct decisions and stay positive during hard times. She has referenced the lessons she has learned more than once and used them to help in many aspects. My daughter is now excited to begin college later this year and I know she could easily be in a very different situation if it wasn’t for Leah and her coaching program. – Mom of 17-year-old client, Rowlett, TX

Having Leah as my daughter’s coach was so rewarding for her and taught me things about her I never knew. Having a child who is a introvert is challenging in itself, I never quite understood her, now I know why. The things I learned about being an introvert definitely helps me understand my daughter. I also got an insight on some of the things she struggles with as most teenagers do, creating a more positive way for me to react to them. She went into this program with a career picked out, only to change it when she realized what she had a passion for, thanks Leah for bringing that out in her. You are truly an inspiration to these young women, to me, and everyone else you cross paths with. Thanks for being there for Katelynn and guiding her through the remainder of her high school and college years! – Mother of 15-year-old client, Mesquite, TX

I’d imagine that each person’s interest in the concepts behind Leah Mazzola’s life coaching course would differ. However, my own interest was a very general curiosity that I am quite glad I pursued. In this course I was taught effective techniques to manage stress and anxiety amongst other things. I can honestly say that I was skeptical at first, but after implementing these methods and experiencing results I would highly recommend this course to any teenager who is interested because it proved to be extremely helpful in daily life. Thanks to Leah Mazzola and her course I have utmost confidence in my ability to achieve my ambitions. If you are interested in paving the path your goals, check out Leah’s life coaching course. – 18-year-old client, Plano, TX

Being in the coaching program, I learned so much. I learned that I’m an introvert and I now know what I want to do after college. I’m more open with everyone, because I’m not as shy. I learned to talk about my feelings and not run away from them. The personal coaching is a great program, it helps teens express themselves and be who they were meant to be. Thanks Leah for being an amazing Coach! – 15-year-old client, Mesquite, TX

My 18 year old son just completed the coaching program with Leah Mazzola and I have to say that I have noticed a dramatic improvement in his attitude towards me and life in general. I had been struggling with my son since middle school. He went through a period from middle school until his junior year of high school where he made a lot of poor choices. It was very frustrating because he is an extremely intelligent child and I could clearly see the potential in him to do better. I heard about this opportunity for this program and encouraged him to take it, if nothing else, to learn some life skills that would help him not only now, but well into the future. I explained to him that many adults, if given the opportunity, would go back to learn some of these same life skills that they are now having to struggle with as adults. Much to my surprise, he agreed to do the program. Not only did he complete the program, but he took the initiative to call in every week, and complete the coursework that was given to him. I am very proud of him for completing the program and am confident that he will apply the skills that he has learned to help him to reach his full potential. My desire for my son is for him to be successful, happy, and healthy, which I am sure is the desire of any Mother out there. I highly recommend this program to other Mothers who are struggling with their teenagers. -Mother of 18-year-old client, Plano, TX

This coaching experience has been amazing, it really helped me with a lot of things and it’s a lot of fun too! I think every teenager should do this because it helps to talk to someone who doesn’t know you at all. It’s easy, fun and it helps a lot. – 14-year-old client, Ontario, Canada


I am just truly so thankful for my sessions with Leah. She has been a steadying force during a time of huge change in my work life. I felt that Leah really saw me and invested in my success both personally and professionally. I feel grounded and ready to take on new challenges!! – Young Adult Leader, Denver, CO

I was in a rut when someone suggested a “life coach” to me. Not really knowing what that was, I found Leah Mazzola online and contacted her. She outlined what the process was all about and how she would go about it. We met, and through the weeks, she helped me understand more about my personality type, the type of job that would suit me, and how to begin working toward finding a job that I loved. She brought me out of a very negative and discouraged place to a place where there was some hope and optimism for the future. On the day of our very last meeting I was hired by a new company, and I mainly attribute that to her evaluation of my interview technique. If I had to do it over again, I would absolutely solicit Leah’s sage advice. It has been invaluable to me and I would recommend her services to anyone who needs a little push in the right direction. – 36-year-old Client, Dallas, TX

Through coaching with Leah, I regained some confidence in my writing and my ideas. I learned some ways to take clear action in alignment with goals I was setting. I increased my effectiveness in my marketing message and made some progress on communicating more consistently. My most valuable takeaway was creating practices and habits that demonstrate my values and allow my customers to benefit and engage with them. If you’re considering working with Leah, you won’t regret it. She’s organized, thoughtful, direct and genuinely caring. If you’re ready to do the work, this will help. Her structured but personal approach really gave me the motivation and put me at ease, definitely some of the skills I hope to acquire and demonstrate for my customers. – 47-year-old Small Business Owner, Rockwall, TX

These sessions have been life changing. I’ve come to know myself better and it has allowed me to focus on my own interests and what I enjoy doing. It’s allowed me to understand what my true strengths and weaknesses are. At first I felt a sense of selfishness because I was working on myself. However what I’ve learned is that I now can help and influence others even more and feel a greater sense of appreciation. – Operations Leader

It took a lot of convincing from others that a Career Coach would help me out of my career rut and help me get back on track. Once I finally gave in to my family/friends, I researched quite a few different Career Coaches. I landed on Leah after having just one call with her. Leah told me that one of her goals would be to help me become a leader in my own life/career. When you think about it, it seems obvious that you would be the leader in your own life. I mean who else would lead it for you right? But, like many others, I knew I was letting fear, insecurities, and doubt lead my life/career. During our sessions, Leah helped me pull a part my fears, insecurities, and doubts so that I could see where they truly came from. When you think through these things logically and with help, you are able to start tackling what is holding you back. Leah was an enormous help there. I would truly recommend Leah as a coach for anyone who feels stuck where they currently are. I am very happy that my family/friends were able to talk me into looking for a Career Coach and I am even happier that I was able to find a great one in Leah Mazzola! – 25-Year-Old Client, Dallas, TX

It is almost indescribable what I was able to accomplish working with Leah—her influence has been that valuable to me. Leah approaches every situation with a natural presence of strength. No matter what the problem, she is able to sort through all extraneous worries and unnecessary hassles in order to find a place to begin fostering solutions. My coaching experience was priceless. The motivation I learned by remaining receptive and open-minded to Leah’s support and encouragement helped me to bridge a gap in a very difficult time in my life.

The ability to enunciate myself in a clear and concise manner is the most valuable take away from my experience coaching with Leah. I have learned how to be my own coach. I know now how best to achieve what I want to accomplish in my life by listening carefully to Leah’s coaching and narrowing down a cogent step-by-step approach that will facilitate my success. The constructive feedback I received from Leah was always professional and personable; this was, to me, crucial in the development of a greater dexterity in my communication skills which, otherwise, may have suffered from a too light or too stern exchange. I know the skills I learned to use in the multiple spontaneous situations we practiced (through effective and assertive communication) will only grow in value as I move forward.

If you are looking for pragmatic and direct help, Leah is who you want to work with. Her approach to each problem is straight-forward, head-on, and hands-on. She will neither lead you in circles nor allow you to chase your own tail. Every session spent with Leah is a new opportunity to lay out what you’d like to achieve in front of a life coach who knows how to put the steps together to successfully lead you toward accomplishing your goal. – 28-year-old client, Irving, TX

Leah is a great guide to helping you realize your inner potential and strengths. She helps you to apply it all toward a resolution for the situation that you need help with. She helps to arrive at practical solutions that are easily executed and incorporated into day to day situations. I would encourage anyone who needs a source of guidance, inspiration, and practical resolution in a judgement free, confidential setting to invest in themselves by allowing Leah to assist them. They will not be disappointed and will be glad they did. – 49-year-old client, Lancaster, TX

I first connected with Leah because I was not where I wanted to be in my life and career. I began working with Leah in August and by October I had accomplished my biggest goal, which was to find a new job and move from my previous location. Leah’s coaching approach was exactly what I needed. Leah saw me at my best and at my worst, lucky for me the worst is behind me and the best is yet to come. Leah was even kind enough to put up with my dog insisting on being present during our Skype sessions. The coaching experience was truly worth all of the time and effort spent, Leah makes the experience so enjoyable. Leah’s coaching took me from a job that I hated and could barely stand to go to every day to a job that I seriously love and enjoy. – 24-year-old client, Murfreesboro, TN to Austin, TX

I first connected with Leah on a coach-matching website. I live in California and was NOT expecting to find my perfect coaching match in Texas. When Leah first responded to my plea that SOMEONE help me sort through the tangled maze of vague beliefs and values that composed my then-worldview, I was immediately impressed by her patience with where I was at, relatability, and capacity to sort through the chaos and get straight to the point. During our 12 weeks working together, Leah coached me personably but professionally — with a potent combination of grounded, problem solving techniques, and guiding me to access my own inner resources. Through our work together, I transformed from someone who was vaguely suspicious of anyone who told me positive things about myself to the confident, though still striving person, I am today. I’m still working with Leah on personal growth, but the support she provided in those 12 weeks, and continues to provide- have given me the safe space I needed to really thrive. – 24-year-old client, San Francisco, CA

My journey started with Leah in hopes to accomplish a “Better Me”. I was going through a very tumultuous relationship and I was in a job I wasn’t happy about, but it paid well. I was looking for insight into what I already knew was there but didn’t know how to find it amongst the madness. I learned not only to listen to my inner voice, but to understand my inner self. That was the magic that happened in our coaching. Three months later, I can honestly say that I am blown away at the discovery process that has taken place between us. Not only did I get a “Better Me” but I got a better outlook and understanding that life is exactly what we put in it and make of it.. Leah, this journey has been PRICELESS…my journey took me far beyond my imagination… I’m forever grateful for our relationship. Much Love-M – 38-year-old client, Tampa, FL

Before I met Leah all I saw was why I couldn’t do more with myself. I didn’t even realize that my confidence was so low. I felt like my past was who I was and I always felt like people were judging me without knowing anything about me. Leah helped me to realize that I was really the one judging me and holding me back. The confidence and skills I gained from Leah’s coaching have completely changed my outlook. I finally feel like I have so much to look forward to and so many options. She helped me to stop looking back and make my life happen from here. I can’t even put in words the difference it made for me. – 23-year-old client, Richardson, TX


Leah is a caring, passionate, thoughtful, and well-rounded coach and workshop facilitator. She is up to date on the science of positive psychology and committed to evidence-based coaching. I strongly recommend her coaching services. – Ahir Gopaldas, PhD, Executive Coach, New York, NY

The students are still talking about their positive experience in Leah Mazzola’s workshop. Thanks Leah for spending the day with our students and showing how their choices do not define them, rather they can absolutely make positive changes to their life. Leah came in and connected with our students right away. You don’t have to spend much time with her to understand her genuine concern and desire to impact the lives of young people. We are looking forward to a continued relationship. Thank you for giving of your time! – MaryLu Booth, School Counselor, Forney, TX

WOW! That word is the only word that describes our last meeting. Let’s just say that after Leah Mazzola shared with us about why she had no choice but to help young people, I am pretty certain that there was not a dry eye at the meeting. It was a very introspective and transparent view of her life and how her destiny was cemented to stop the cycle of young adults feeling that they have no hope and that their only success is in being a failure. – Dr. Cedric D. Alford, MBA, President, UOP Alumni Dallas / Fort Worth Chapter, Irving, TX