Life Coaching for High Risk Youth

Desistance and Positive Reform Coaching for Young People Transitioning Away From Problem Behavior – Encompasses Life, Academic, & Career Coaching

I developed the DPR Coaching program through formal research to understand how young people involved in delinquency transitioned from offender to non-offender and successful pro-social adulthood. It is designed to support clients as they work through each of the domains found to be essential to success. This program is ideal for teens or young adults transitioning away from delinquency toward positive reform, or those reintegrating from juvenile justice systems.

Coaching plans are tailored to the client’s needs and goals and guided by the following objectives

1. To introduce participants to the Shift coaching model and train them to apply associated life skills –

  • Self-determined motivation and commitment to change
  • Sense of agency and power to choose and act toward desired goals
  • Self-regulation and self-development
  • Identifying and pursuing structural supports (e.g. education, jobs, positive social relationships, etc.)
  • Altering social capital toward relationships conducive to positive change goals and away from those that may threaten efforts toward positive change
  • Immersing and adapting to the chosen structural supports
  • Identifying and leveraging meaning and purpose beyond self and beyond desistance

2. To understand how to be successful on the road toward positive change.
3. To learn to leverage personal strengths and traits conducive to positive change goals and refrain from using those that may threaten positive change goals.
4. To identify life direction and set and pursue goals in line with that direction.
5. To develop the skills necessary to enhance chances of success.