Let’s look at what exactly an academic life coach does.

As an academic life coach, I work with my students outside of their school setting. I help them reduce toxic stress and increase their effectiveness and confidence in their approaches to learning. All my coaching clients are eased through a variety of topics to enhance their academic effectiveness. Those topics usually include motivation, commitment, capacity, strategy, time management, prioritization, goal setting, striving, and achievement. They’ll learn to intentionally move themselves through higher levels of academic self-regulation by conditioning constructive habits for achievement and well-being in the process.

Like a tutor, academic life coaches work with a student throughout the semester. Unlike a tutor, who focuses on teaching a single content area, an academic life coach focuses on learning habits across all content areas, focusing on habits, study routines and learning strategies to help the student troubleshoot and enhance their own learning. Often the strategies we put in place are useful across ALL subjects and life domains, well beyond the specific subject(s) the student thinks they need support in.