Individual Clients (Virtual)

30-or 45-minute sessions virtually for teens or adults by Zoom online meeting or phone.

Most clients complete 4-6 sessions for sufficient progress and skill building to continue as self-coach from there.

Q&A Call for Minor Clients (20-minutes) Free

  • A free Q&A call to confirm 1) coaching seems to be a fit for the tween or teen's needs and goals, and 2) I could be the coach fit for supporting them through this work.
  • A parent/guardian needs to be present for the first segment of the call. I will need to speak with the parent/guardian and the minor separately to determine fit.
  • Please note I do not work with minor clients who are not opting into coach of their own free will. I only take on clients who are ready, willing, and able to set and pursue goals that matter to them. The discussion with the minor is to gauge their own willingness to try out coaching before committing to the work.
  • Read this article regarding the differences between coaching and therapy BEFORE scheduling a consultation call.
  • Scroll down further to book your consultation call.

Adults: Introductory Session (45-minutes) $120 USD

  • First, we'll discuss what brought you to coaching, what you hope to gain, what to expect from coaching with me, and any other questions you have.
  • Then, we'll open the coaching conversation to support your goal setting.
  • As we close out the session, I'll let you know if I believe coaching seems to be a fit for your needs and goals. You get to choose if you would like to proceed with a few ongoing coaching sessions. If so, you can use the booking link to schedule those yourself.
  • Scroll down to book your introductory session, if you'd like to try it out.

Ongoing Session Options

If we've deemed coaching a fit for you or your teen and you opt to proceed with a coaching plan, you can use the booking links to schedule your 30- or 45-minute follow-up sessions.

Laser Sessions (30-minutes) $90 USD 

  • Laser sessions tend to work well for people who already have an overflowing schedule and/or have no issues getting directly to the point during sessions.

Standard Sessions (45-minutes) $120 USD 

  • Standard sessions tend to work well for people who have more time and space in their schedule and need more time to warm up to discussing the deeper content during sessions.


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