What is the difference between Career Coaching and Life Coaching?

A career coach can help you design a career plan to reach your goals and enhance your well-being at work. From discovering different career paths to making choices that fit your desired trajectory. Many people believe that career coaches are only meant for executive level leaders, but this isn’t true. Career coaches are a great fit for workers who are unsure about what they want to do next, those lacking motivation or engagement, or even recent graduates who need guidance on finding a path that fits for them.

While a career coach will help you achieve job-related goals, a life coach will focus on your personal goals. Life coaches help their clients determine which changes they want to make in their lives, and then help formulate the steps clients need to take to reach these personal goals. Life coaching often involves becoming very aware of how your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors contribute to your satisfaction or dissatisfaction, although life coaches are not therapists.

Career coaching is a more narrowed focus on your work-life for a shorter period of time, and life coaching is a broader focus on your overall quality of life typically for a longer period of time. Either coaching client’s goals or plans may change as they reach different levels of awareness and intention in their lives. Since I offer both services, most of my career coaching work with clients takes a more integrative approach to enhance overall well-being in the process of addressing work-related goals.