What is parent coaching about?

As a parent coach, I support parents as they set and achieve goals related to enhancing their approaches to parenting, family dynamics, and relationships with their children. Most parents are just "winging" it and doing the best they can. Parenting is a high stress, high demand job that requires a great deal of self-management, stress management, and self-development, if we're to do the job well enough to raise thriving, resilient children without damaging them. When done well, it's one of the most rewarding experiences life has to offer.

What you learn through parent coaching

Most of us didn't take parenting classes. That doesn't mean we can't choose to be intentional about the parent we want to be and the family dynamics we want to create. I incorporate family psychology education to set the foundation for coaching focus areas. Those educational bits are tailored to the family's needs. That may be understanding the unique needs of each stage of development from infancy through adulthood. If you have a teen child struggling with challenging behavior or performance in school, we'd begin with learning the unique needs and goals of the adolescent life stage and how you can help them better balance those with life demands. From there, I'd coach you toward exploring your current family dynamics and tweaks you can make to begin working together toward higher quality family engagements and more thriving outcomes.

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