Leah B. Mazzola, PhD, PCC, BCC

Welcome! I appreciate your presence. The core of my work is facilitating the awareness clients need to access internal motivation or reduce unnecessary stress to shift to optimal performance and well-being. You may be struggling to manage all that's expected of you or all that you expect of yourself. You may be doing so much it's all a blur or just feel so aimless, lost, or stuck that getting started at all is the issue. I’m a psychology expert who understands the science of stress, performance, and thriving. I'm also a trauma survivor who overcame the odds to create a life I didn't even dare to dream of before I knew it. As a coach I get to support your journey to understand who you are and what you want most in life, determine what's necessary to make it happen, and begin the work to be more intentional with your efforts to thrive.

Understanding the benefits to having a life coach

Life is complicated. We can’t always control outcomes, but we can learn to apply practical, evidence-based skills to live better and achieve our goals. Highly effective people attend to self-mastery. Effectiveness is simply a result. The beautiful thing about life is we can choose to begin this work at any point, regardless of who or where we are.

Personal Life Coaching

Learn to enhance your well-being by living with more intention. Personal development is a key to thriving. When we thrive, we’re more resilient and empowered to reach our potential. From that place, we can:

  • Be more confident
  • improve our decision-making,
  • have better relationships,
  • and live healthier lives.

Academic or Career Coaching

Education and work are two of the most powerful resources we can use to create the life we want. Since both demand most of our time and energy, they can deplete us if we’re not careful. Having a partner in a coach to help you navigate those decisions for fit and success may be the boost you need to improve

  • stress management and quality of life,
  • motivation, performance, and engagement,
  • productivity and focus,
  • and learning and development.

Parent Coaching

Parenting is a high stress, high demand job that requires a great deal of self-management, stress management, and self-development, if we’re to do it well enough to raise thriving, resilient children without damaging them. When done well, it’s one of the most rewarding experiences life has to offer. Enhance your

  • understanding of your child's needs and goals
  • approaches to parenting in line with each stage of development
  • stress management and family resilience
  • and positive family dynamics that last a lifetime.

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