Academic or Career Coaching

Education and employment are some of the most important resources we can leverage to establish and maintain independence or transform our outcomes. Enhancing chances of success at school or work requires a good look at fit and resource optimization.  This fit is the degree to which the person and environment match. Person characteristics include personality, strengths, skills, resources, needs, values, and goals; while environmental characteristics could include job or academic demands, social demands, cultural values, leadership or teaching styles, flexibility, or support. A good fit contributes to well-being, productivity, and satisfaction. An ill fit contributes to high stress, counterproductive behaviors, dissatisfaction, and deteriorating health. Pursuing education and employment goals in line with who we are is the secret sauce to foster engagement and peak performance from the inside out. Academic and career coaching services are offered in one-on-one or group formats and may include any of the below elements.

Academic Coaching

Common Topics

  • Students are coached through the following topics to enhance academic-awareness: Academic performance audit, motivation, confidence, capacity and strategy, time management and prioritization, approaches to learning and study strategies, goal setting, and goal striving through achievement
Testimonials Highlight

Mother of a 15-year-old Client

The best thing I ever did for my 15 year old daughter was signing her up for Leah’s coaching program. Having to deal with being dyslexic and an introvert was very stressful for her which led her to lack of trying. With this program she learned how to use the techniques to help her deal with daily stress and it also gave her the courage to participate in class. As a mother, not being motivated to do her best to prepare for college was very frightening. After her first lesson I noticed a big difference in her attitude toward school. The day she came up to me and told me that she wanted to go to college was the best day ever. All may worries simply went away. My only regret was not putting her in the program sooner. But its never too late no matter what the age.

Mother of a 14-year-old Client

I came across Leah’s information accidentally, but was intrigued with the concept of teens benefiting from coaching. Her ideas were sound and logical, my child enjoyed meeting her (doesn’t happen often!) and I felt that they could work well together. Leah taught my daughter that everything, from homework to socializing, is a skill that can be learned if you put in the effort. She connects with teens in a way that supports and empathizes yet teaches. I certainly think her coaching was worth the investment and my daughter also believes it was. My most important takeaway from this experience was that a parent’s reaction to his/her child’s anxiety over daily living/events is not always reasonable. Having the emotional distance of a neutral, knowledgeable third party, like Leah, really makes a difference in both parents and children’s lives without the stigma that counseling can bring. One simple example, I could tell her forever to talk to her teacher/raise her hand in class and she would never listen. Leah was able to get her to do that after one session with a reasonable calm explanation of why she should do it, how she would benefit, and how to do it. No drama.

Mother of a 17-year-old Client

My daughter went through coaching with Leah at the perfect time. We didn’t know that a very hard few months was coming up in her life, and the knowledge and self-confidence she received from Leah helped her make correct decisions and stay positive during hard times. She has referenced the lessons she has learned more than once and used them to help in many aspects. My daughter is now excited to begin college later this year and I know she could easily be in a very different situation if it wasn’t for Leah and her coaching program.

15-year-old Client

Being in the coaching program, I learned so much. I learned that I’m an introvert and I now know what I want to do after college. I’m more open with everyone, because I’m not as shy. I learned to talk about my feelings and not run away from them. The personal coaching is a great program, it helps teens express themselves and be who they were meant to be. Thanks Leah for being an amazing Coach!
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Career Coaching

(All services below are available for individuals or internal employees within organizational settings (e.g. employee coaching, leadership development coaching)

Common Focus Areas

  • Complete intake assessments to leverage self-insight to guide education and employment direction
    • We’ll assess personality, strengths, interests, values, needs, goals, skills, and resources
    • Formal assessments include the Strong Interest Inventory and Myers Briggs Type Indicator Career Report
  • Begin the research, goal setting, planning, and strategy to move toward your selected path(s)
  • Job crafting for professionals already employed with an interest in establishing a plan for career progression while maximizing growth opportunities where they are


  • Identify skills gaps and opportunity areas for development to enhance work-life well-being, satisfaction, and effectiveness
  • Begin developing those competencies relevant to advancing your goals
    • Examples are:
      • Time management and organization
      • Enhancing confidence and decision-making
      • Social and emotional intelligence
      • Managing stress and challenges
      • Addressing burnout and enhancing engagement
      • Improving motivation and performance
      • Professional etiquette and communication

Application and Interview Support

  • Support through education and employment research and applications
  • Learn to effectively communicate your niche value to potential employers; Improve application and interviewing skills (e.g. resume/CV/cover letter development, mock interviewing, etc.)
Testimonials Highlight

25-year-old Client

It took a lot of convincing from others that a Career Coach would help me out of my career rut and help me get back on track. Once I finally gave in to my family/friends, I researched quite a few different Career Coaches. I landed on Leah after having just one call with her. Leah told me that one of her goals would be to help me become a leader in my own life/career. When you think about it, it seems obvious that you would be the leader in your own life. I mean who else would lead it for you right? But, like many others, I knew I was letting fear, insecurities, and doubt lead my life/career. During our sessions, Leah helped me pull a part my fears, insecurities, and doubts so that I could see where they truly came from. When you think through these things logically and with help, you are able to start tackling what is holding you back. Leah was an enormous help there. I would truly recommend Leah as a coach for anyone who feels stuck where they currently are. I am very happy that my family/friends were able to talk me into looking for a Career Coach and I am even happier that I was able to find a great one in Leah Mazzola!

16-year-old Client

What I was hoping to accomplish when I started the coaching program with Leah was to improve my self-confidence, and establish a direction regarding career discovery. Initially, I didn’t have any idea of where I was going, and knew that I had to do some self discovery before I could start thinking about careers. What I took away from the coaching exceeded my expectations, and it gave me the insight that I needed to take steps in the right direction. Not only did Leah help me discover what I’d like to do in the future, but she also taught me how to cope with my weaknesses, and take advantages of my strengths. I learned several things about myself; and have a better idea of how I function, why I think the way that I do, and etc. Several times I found myself wishing that I could put my friends through this program, because it’s very interesting and well worth it. I would highly recommend this to any teenager looking for assistance in bettering almost any sort of aspect of their lives!

36-year-old Client

I was in a rut when someone suggested a “life coach” to me. Not really knowing what that was, I found Leah Mazzola online and contacted her. She outlined what the process was all about and how she would go about it. We met, and through the weeks, she helped me understand more about my personality type, the type of job that would suit me, and how to begin working toward finding a job that I loved. She brought me out of a very negative and discouraged place to a place where there was some hope and optimism for the future. On the day of our very last meeting I was hired by a new company, and I mainly attribute that to her evaluation of my interview technique. If I had to do it over again, I would absolutely solicit Leah’s sage advice. It has been invaluable to me and I would recommend her services to anyone who needs a little push in the right direction.

24-year-old Client

I first connected with Leah because I was not where I wanted to be in my life and career. I began working with Leah in August and by October I had accomplished my biggest goal, which was to find a new job and move from my previous location. Leah’s coaching approach was exactly what I needed. Leah saw me at my best and at my worst, lucky for me the worst is behind me and the best is yet to come. Leah was even kind enough to put up with my dog insisting on being present during our Skype sessions. The coaching experience was truly worth all of the time and effort spent, Leah makes the experience so enjoyable. Leah’s coaching took me from a job that I hated and could barely stand to go to every day to a job that I seriously love and enjoy.

Visit the booking page to schedule a free consultation.

Visit the booking page to schedule a free consultation.

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