What is coaching?

Coaching is a person-centered, strength-based, collaborative support service to help functional clients achieve meaningful goals. Coaching provides the structural support clients need to maximize their personal and professional potential. Coaching emphasizes autonomy, choice, and trust.

Clients come to coaching with an interest in self-improvement or measurable progress. Through coaching, clients find insight and direction to identify practical means to reach their goals. The coach guides and supports the client’s planned, intentional, and purposeful action toward achievement.

Coaching clients are ready and willing to do the work inherent in the coaching process. They are committed to maximizing their internal and external resources to achieve the outcomes they seek.

My Philosophy

I merge principles from psychology and evidence-based coaching to support clients as they optimize their personal and professional lives. My work is grounded in contextual behavioral science and choice theory. My coaching approach is pragmatic.

To summarize those ideas, our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are instruments that serve a purpose and contribute to our outcomes. We can create positive outcomes from the inside out through self-insight, practical strategies, and consistent, meaningful, targeted action. I coach to promote clients’ rationality, agency, and attention to knowledge and skills development relevant to their goals.

My Coaching Audience

I serve clients in organizations, academic settings, and private practice as a learning and development consultant, coach, and trainer.

Most of my clients seek support in the following areas:

  • Life, college, or career direction that fits
  • Enhancing motivation, performance, and engagement in school or work
  • Addressing toxic stress or burnout related to school or work
  • Prioritizing self-care and work/life balance
  • Building confidence and effectiveness
  • Positive behavior change
  • Building social and communication skills
  • Improving approaches to parenting and fostering positive family dynamics

My Leadership Training Audience

  • New frontline managers or supervisors
  • Motivating and engaging employees
  • Evidence-based decision making strategies
  • Employee coaching and talent development
  • Conflict management and negotiations